We focus on ensuring each member of the Melanin Family experiences true GROWTH within themselves.

Are You Ready to Grow?


So much has happened in our community, in our families that it's time to Stop pretending like we are okay and truly HEAL!

Are You Ready to Heal?


Creating strong, united Melanin Families is the key to transforming our Community. So we are on a quest to TRANSFORM the Melanin Family.

Are You Ready to Transform?


A collective is a group of people who unit for a cooperative enterprise. The Melanin community is at its best when the group mindset benefits the collective rather than the individual. This, therefore, is the McGhee's goal for the entire Melanin community: for us to cooperate and work together for the greater good of us all.


The Collective has one purpose, assist the Melanin Community into becoming a powerful Nation-Village, by focusing on the Melanin Family.


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If Your Ready...

If you are ready to Grow, Heal and Transform your family in a Natural way that's Essential to being a part of the Solution. Then schedule your FREE Discovery Call to see how The McGhees can help you TODAY!