The McGhee Collective

Israel and Jennifer McGhee found each other three years ago. Within six months of talking, they knew that they were ready for FOREVER--and even more importantly, they knew that they were Purpose Partners. They have more than fifteen years of coaching experience combined between the two of them; from fitness training to life mindsets. Together, they now coach Families.

Separately, they have conquered many battles, overcome many statistics,  and THRIVED because of a sheer determination to serve a greater purpose. Like many Melanin peoples,  the plight of the Melanin community breaks their hearts. However, because they both seek to be doers and not just talkers--and because they both desire to be true catalysts for change in the community--they created The McGhee Collective.

Here, they can assist Melanin Families in doing the work essential to their Growth and Transformation; in order to ensure that the Melanin community will not only survive, but THRIVE. 

Meet the Family

We are The Jacksons, The Davis' and The McGhees.

A united blended family working together for not just our greater good but our communities good as well.

Israel- headshot

Israel McGhee

The Head , Husband and Daddy

“My sole purpose is to build and renew mind body and soul”

Israel McGhee started in the fitness world at the tender age of 13. His desire to excel on all levels sent him on a quest to change his body,  fitness was the key to reaching his goals. He once said, “I fell in love deeply, with fitness, and never looked back.." was a fulfilling journey for him. He goes on to say, "In doing so,  I acquired a great amount of knowledge about people. It is my desire to share that knowledge with others to motivate, encourage and help them achieve the change they desire; aiding them in a lifestyle renewal.” This is how Israel took his fitness journey to  one that led to him being part of the solution rather than part of the problem. Ultimately, it became his destiny to live a life, focused on Melanin Families, that helps others to stay uplifted and motivated, while presenting himself as a catalyst for change. It is a purpose that he intends to fulfill with every natural breath in his body.

Mr. and Mrs. Jackson - headshot

Mr. and Mrs. Jackson

Nanie and Poppi

Manager, Public Relations, Creative

Jennifer- headshot

Jennifer McGhee

Chief Decision Maker, Wife and Mommy

Ms. Jennifer Pink, is a true “MOMpreneur;” one that has dedicated her life to providing resources, information and support that inspires and empowers mothers especially single mothers in their journey.  Throughout her journey of empowering and coaching Jennifer discovered a true axiom: the road to becoming who you were born to be is NEVER met without resistance, opposition, and GROWTH. The empowerment of mothers, and their growth and development from merely surviving into powerful women abundantly thriving; will always be her primary passion.  However, today she also assists the Melanin Family with her husband, as the two of them seek to speak with one voice toward the changes necessary for the transformation and healing of families. Together and separately these sages share their knowledge and wisdom with others, in order to coach, impact, and help others grow as needed. Ms. Jennifer Pink is a true change agent filled with fiery and intense passion. Connect with Jennifer @ Ms. Pink's World

JKids- headshot

The JKids

Action Jackson, Miss JR Pink, J.C. Squared, Josiah and J'adore

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