Essential Conversations Podcast: Creating a Fabulous Family

McGhee Experience Podcast- Episode 2

Israel and Jennifer McGhee talk with Erica Hill of Create your Fabulous Life about the power of creating a vision board with and for your family.

Erica Hill is known as the Self Discovery Empowerment Coach. She helps women discover the true essence of their greatness so that they can create a fabulous life that is full of freedom, fun and peace. She works with women that are up to BIG things in life but they are held back from dis-empowering internal conversations that keep them stuck in an inauthentic way of being.Erica is also the author of Money Management Strategies for Kids and the co-author of No More Chains book in which she is featured in the Movie Documentary for this book along with Paul C. Brunson which was featured on the Oprah Winfrey network. In addition to begin an author and coach, Erica is also an empowerment speaker and business woman. Erica is a woman that truly practices what she teaches. She loves to laugh, live and create fabulous experiences.

The McGhees have created the perfect tool to help your family create their family vision and take it from vision to action with the Family Vision in a Box.

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