Essential Conversations Podcast: We Are The McGhees

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Welcome to Essential Conversations with The McGhees where Mr. and Mrs. McGhee have real, honest conversation about how to transform and heal the Melanin Family and Community.

On this first episode The McGhees introduce who they are and share why they are so passionate about changing the Melanin Community by healing and transforming the Melanin Family.

Israel "Mindset Shifter" McGhee sole purpose is to build and renew people's mind, body and soul. His love for helping people shift their mindsets and build and renew themselves started out of his own shift via fitness. He renewed himself first via sports transitioning to powerlifting and ultimately becoming a body builder. What he learned most throughout his journey is that to achieve anything one must first shift their mindset. He is quoted as saying "Your Addictions lead to Your Convictions which lead to your Greatness". What are you addicted to is the question?

Ms. Jennifer Pink aka Mrs. Jennifer McGhee is a MOMpreneur whose mission simply put is to assist mothers in reconnecting with themselves while Growing through what they Go through. Once a single mother for 12 years, single mothers hold a special place in her heart, but ultimately she understands the power and passion mothers posses and knows that they can be and are the true shifters in the Melanin Family, especially when they are willing to learn their lessons.

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