Family Life Coaching

Does your family seem disjointed? Is there a lack of unity and vision within the family? Is there a major shift, concern or problem within the family? We would love to help your family move from it's current state to a THRIVING united state.

Transformational Speakers

Israel and Jennifer McGhee are known as transformational speakers that will move every audience from stuck to THRIVING! They are available as independent speakers or as a team for your next event.

Family Vision Board Parties

A family that prays together stays together; but what about the family that comes together to build together? The family, that comes together to create a vision for the future is POWERFUL! Host a Family Vision Board party for you, your friends and/or organization. The Family Vision Board Party will help each family create their vision via a vision board and so much more.

THRIVING Melanin Family Magazine (1)

THRIVING Melanin Family Magazine

Our mission is to edify, praise, uplift and educate Melanin Families in order to strengthen them and the community so that we all THRIVE!

Essential Conversations with The McGhees

As a blended Melanin Family themselves the McGhees are very passionate about being the change they seek in this world. They themselves have learned that true change starts with essential conversation, so every week they have conversations essential for men, women, and parents in the Melanin community so that together we may began to HEAL and TRANSFORM our families and ultimately our community.

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Why Natural Solutions and Products?

If you use chemicals, quick fixes, or other means to transform yourself; then you will always find yourself relying on those things for transformation. True transformation comes from within and from nature, not from without and chemicals. The McGhee Collective offers natural solutions for you to  naturally THRIVE;  and ALL natural hair and body products for you to naturally be beautiful.